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Water Treatment Accessories & Supplies are Now Available

2, 3 or 4 Stage In-Ground Separation Sump Pits
Ozone Injection Systems
U.V. Discharge Aeration Re-circulation Units.
U.V. Discharge Venturi Re-circulation Units.
Corona Discharge Aeration Re-circulation Units.
Corona Discharge Venturi Re-circulation Units.
Automatic Chemical Injection Pumps & Flocculates
Floating Oil Skimmers
Belt Skimmers
Water Storage Tanks
Stationary Tanks
Mobile Tanks
Replacement Filters & Cartridges
Water Pickup & Containment Devices

All prices, dimensions & flows with added components are subject to change without prior notice. All specifications are approximate. Freight & Tax not included. All units come with a 1 year warranty & produce non-drinkable water. Always check discharge levels & guidelines prior to sewer hook-up. November 2002.

Water Treatment Tech Equipment Mfg. offers a complete line of Mobile or Stationary wash water treatment systems and accessories. Call your nearest distributor today for more information.


Water Tanks


Jet Water Pumps

Sump Pumps

Chemical Pumps

Clay Filters

Ozone Generators

Cyclonic Separators

Charcoal Filters

Containment Mats

Cone Tanks

Polypropylene Filters


Water Dikes

Oil Skimmers

Sand Filters

Oil Separator

Water Separator


D.E. Filters

And Much Much More...


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