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"These simple principles Is what makes Water Treatment Tech Equipment Mfg. so great!"

Simple To Operate

Our wash filtration units are the easiest to use of any filtration systems available. Their automatic On/Off, single pump configuration not only reduces the need for maintenance and high replacement costs. Our units also allow the end user to hook up to a standard 110 volt electrical power supply. Our systems connect easily to your sump pit pump via hose or pipe.

"Why Pay More...for The Same Results."

Cleans Great

Under normal Nonhazardous power washing, our wash water filtration units can eliminate your compliance problems. Each model has a capacity to clean down to a 5 micron level or lower and is easily adapted to a "Closed Loop" Zero Discharge system if needed. All units are constructed with corrosion proof material providing a low maintenance, low cost and highly effective wash filtration unit.

"Why Pay More...if you don't need to."


Always compare operating & shipping costs! The majority of our filters are washable and re useable. Filters needing periodic replacement are standard, locally available and inexpensive. Our unique lightweight well constructed filter design allow the end user to save on the shipping and moving. These advantages give you a cost effective solution to your wash water filtration problems.

"Why Pay More...and more, and more."



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