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"Mighty Mobile Wash Water Filtration Systems..."

#1 Inlet Pre-Filter
Removable Spin down Filter. This Unit Pre-Filters the Larger Debris out of the Water. Not only is this Unit "ECONOMICAL", it is also "EASILY CLEANED."
#2 Coalescing Plates
Specially Designed For Water Treatment Tech Equipment Mfg.. The Vertical Coalescing plates help separate the "OIL and GREASE and DIRT" from the water.
#3 Oil Skimmer
Our Adjustable P.V.C. design removes floating oils from the unit.
#4 Reticulated Media Packs
Large and Medium sized washable and reusable filters to capture the smaller sized particles.
#5 Polypropylene Filter Bags
Washable and Reusable filters for removal and absorption of suspended oil and dirt particles.
#6 Automatic Pump
Half Horse-Power 110 volt no maintenance pump powers water through the polishing filters.
#7 Two Discharge Outlets
For easy discharge of your water before or after the polishing filters.
#8 Polishing Filters
1st-20" Polishing Filter
cleans water down to 50 Microns
2nd-20" Polishing Filter
cleans water down to 10 Microns
3rd-20" Polishing Filter
cleans water down to 5 Microns
*OPTIONAL 4th-20" Polishing Filter* comes standard on the Model MD-48 cleans the water at levels 100 to 50 to 10 then to 5 Micron Level
#9 1.5" Gate Dump Valve
Easy access dump valves for the quick and easy cleaning of your "Mighty Mobile Unit"
#10 Lid with Seal and Fastners
Allows for quick access into your "Mighty Mobile Wash Water Filter Unit"

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Inlet Pre-Filter Lid with Seal and Fastners Discharge Outlet Polishing Filters 1.5" Gate Dump Valve Inlet Pre-Filter Polishing Filters Discharge Outlets Coalescing Plates Reticulated Media Packs Polypropylene Filter Bags Polypropylene Filter Bags Automatic Pump